isabella a cappella
isabella a cappella - tour edition 2011 (engineer: Michael Stavrou) 2011 9 live tracks
KaOZ Klezmer
OY! KaOZ Klezmer Live
(Star Court Theatre, Lismore)
  (engineer: Harry Williamson)
2001 15 tracks
Gregarious Chance
Social Animals (engineer: Bruce McNicol)
20 tracks
Gregarious Chance
Exmass Hype!! (engineer: Miles McNicol) 1997 13 tracks
Gregarious Chance
Really . . . (Gregarious) (engineer: Harry Williamson) 1998 16 tracks
Silly Symphony

Walkabout (engineer: Harry Williamson)

18 tracks
Margret RoadKnight

An Audience with Margret RoadKnight & Bruce McNicol
(live recordings)



14 tracks
5 tracks

Margret RoadKnight
Fringe Benefits
Bruce piano: Imagine (John Lennon)
1993 16 tracks
Margret RoadKnight
Adjusting the Rearview Mirror (with Bruce McNicol) at the School of Arts Cafe (live recording).
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1996 22 tracks
Paddy Raleigh
Bushman's Blues Bruce Piano
(Engineer: Leo Glass)
2003 12 tracks
Mother Gong
Robot Woman III (vocal overdubs on 2 tracks and guest track from Silly Symphony) Bruce: various vocals
(engineer: Harry Williamson)