Ballad of Mount Nardi

©Bruce McNicol 1982

Sixty four arrested, for being in the forest,
For being in possession of a different point of view.
It’s always been the same since the convicts came before us,
It’s back to see the judge, if you stand and tell what’s true.

Cops and robbers early. Stealin’ from the forest.
Getting in before us with the law and order freize.
Grim and never speaking. Gruff and all foreboding,
Treating us like criminals for trying to save some trees.

It was a Virgin Rainforest, never logged before.
Life Giver. Gene Pool. Soon would have been gone forevermore.
And it was violent confrontation was defeatin’ us by degree,
And they were logging the heart of the Nightcap Park
For a steamship company.

Little bit of mischief. Little bit of violence, you know I
Couldn’t get arrested at all down there today.*
And Premier Wran was watching, voiceless in the silence,
Sometimes it seems we common people have no rights. We have no say.

Chorus: . . .
‘cause with the Adelaide Steamship Company, it’s the dollar makes the plan,
So they go wiping out the remnants as fast as they can.

They're wiping out the remnants as fast as they can.


My son and I had just been through three really tough and disruptive years, and we were together again. Materially, I had nothing. He was settled in Grade 5 at Barkers Vale school, and we were living in a shed which someone lent us as he was suddenly sent to live with me.


I would go up to the protest in the daytime, and just be home with him in the evening, 'cause I didn't want to disrupt his life any more. We both went up to Mt Nardi to the camp on Andy Frame's property one weekend, so he could see where I was going whilst he was at school. He'd heard a lot about it!


I wrote the song one evening when I had just heard on 2NCR an interview with Megan James* made the previous evening at the camp.

Music and vocals; Bruce McNicol
Harmonies; Lisa Yeates and Lisa Bartholomew

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