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= poems with silly words in them
Adelaide For the Festival State, July '86
Australia Not a land of Gullibles Travels, but a land of Oliver's Travels - Oliver meat pie 'n' sors. Oliver nuther tinny mate. 
After Extensive Silence What IS, makes such a thing impossible
Anger From anger right along the continuum to unconditional love
Aria (Common Problems) I have been a problematic twenty eight year old man . . .
Backyards From A Train Out Of Sydney (Swimming pools) at five out of seven adjacent spawning dorms
Friends I've really hurt him. I've promised not to. (Fair enough)

A silly poem

Highbrow Another silly poem
I Saw The Little Girl Tonight Her father was a bully
Journey with a Midwife to a Midwife My partner and I visited our pregnant friend, with whom I had shared house
Limbo There's been a bit of a boon/in confidence spoons/ . . Silly of words, sad character
Mind Twister For Loose Tongues Tongue twister as well. Six times quickly. Also very silly.
Old Lover, Old Friend . . . but a new job led to different behaviour in public.
Owed to Tim Fisher Remember the gun levy? I wonder what's happened to it?
On Feeling Betrayed Love is so presious/rare alloy/valuable ally
Peak Hour Flinders Street. "There's no air", I said to him
Power Playtime The Treasurer we had to have, and other luminaries . . .
Probabilities "Down a throamy little farnpit" is definately silly.
It's also a missed opportunity. How silly is that?
Ready Or Not? "She's a witch", and I was ready . .yum yum
Radio Say Uncle Sam Says,"Listen to this". Uncle Sam says,"Watch that."
Relatively Speaking She couldn't stand me gazing at her
Remember Remember there is no time / like / the present
Requiem Murray I wait/for my beautiful father/to die
Rescue Remedy Lloyd said, "what did you do with your frown?"
Stame Missakes Oafran oafran oafa/ makum the stame missakes
Stockmarket Report Thanks to David Hallett for the idea of "sweeping peace fears"
The Grangles A Childrens' Book. . ." Grangles playing banjanophones/are not a pretty sight to hear"
The Mouse and the Beanbag In which the mouse loses the beanbag to its former owners
"They Treat Me Like A Bitch On Heat" We were making arramgements for our children to play. The men present gave murderous looks, but refused to speak . I had counted them amongst my friends!
There Was. There Is There was another woman once who drove a Volkswagon
Tiren Farport Tiren Farport soldiered badly. Someone shot 'im
To elevator music Choirs of geese these days need throat lozenges
After a hard days flight to the shops.
Wishbone Wish ". . . I wish I had a newspaper, to damned and to publish"