Snapshots from Hungary

Bruce McNicol and Lisa Bartholomew 2007

Contents (click chapter to open)
1. Getting There 2. Sopron 3. Day Trippers, yeah!
4. Sopron the Serious 5. A Day in the Forest 6. Budapest and The Castle District
7. The Zoo and aunt Zsuzsa 8. The House of Terror 9. The Family
10. The Danube and Estergom 11. Leaving - by train to Vienna Appendix - Thank you to Kati

I started writing this memoir of our trip to Europe as a gift to my dear mother-in-law Shirley, and my beloved father Murray. When I got to the end of the Sopron section, I then looked at Lisa's diary, and realised that much of it needed to be included, because even when travelling absolutely together, different people see and report on different things. For that reason we also carried two cameras.

The sections of these memoirs from Lisa's diary are blue.

December 2007